The 5 Factor Diet, But Is It Right For You?

By at 16 April, 2008

Although the 5 Factor Diet is all the craze in Hollywood, the question is: is it right for you? The jury is still out on the effects of this diet. Let’s take a look at its origin and its method.

Conceived by Harley Pasternak who is a trainer for Hollywood celebrities, the 5 Factor Diet is comprised of the following “fives”:

  • A five-week plan consisting of five meals a day
  • Five ingredients per meal
  • Five-minute exercises for five days, and
  • Five cheat days in five weeks.

Sounds easy, right? Let’s take a closer look at the diet itself.

According to one review of the 5 Factor Diet, a nutritionist asserts that it is “a healthy plan that incorporates all the necessary food groups in appropriate proportions. The exercise program is also a combination of cardio and strength training as well.”

Other experts take a different stance on this diet. They assert that, “although staying on the plan for the recommended five weeks can help you lose weight, portion control and consuming fewer calories during your lifetime is more effective.”

As for the diet itself, those who have tried this diet find it difficult to eat five times a day. In addition, these same people contend that it is hard to find the snacks and meals the plan recommends, especially for those who work. Others say that it takes a bit of ingenuity to come up with the ingredients, but that it can be accomplished.

Here is a sample of five meals in one day on the 5 Factor Diet plan: Protein Berry Shake, Mushroom-Barley Risotto, Antipasto, French toast with Ricotta, and Indian Style Chicken with Curried Yogurt and Brown Rice. Or you may choose among other meals such as: Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas, Salmon with Cucumber-Dill Salad, Sea Scallops with Orange Sauce, and Egg and Turkey Bacon Sandwich. This menu list is a sample of over 100 recipes included in the program.

Realistically, however, other than the egg and turkey bacon sandwich or the protein berry shake, one can understand why some would find it difficult to find the ingredients for these meals, let alone preparing them. But one would have to agree that these meals can be prepared at home and taken to work.

Also included in the program are the 5 Factor weight loss tools which include: daily meal planner, recipes, personal recipe box, shopping list tool, food log, cooking shortcuts, eating out guide, custom fitness plan, activity calculator, weight tracker, online journal, ideal weight calculator, daily inspiration, and message boards.

Honestly, the 5 Factor Diet plan could be the diet plan for you. I’d advise you to check it out to determine the viability of this plan and how it would fit into your lifestyle.

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Ben August 2, 2014

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