Those Healthy Habits for Life that you Learned don’t always Apply

By at 28 September, 2011

Remember all those health rules that you have your parents drummed into your head when you were a kid? Well, while admittedly, some of those rules do make a lot of sense (smoking is bad for you), not everything does (sitting too close to the TV won’t ruin your eyesight). The thing is, parents have […]


Healthy Energy Foods to Include in your Diet

By at 26 September, 2011

Lack of proper information and over-dependence on TV guidance on diet can be said to be among the reasons why many people these days are ending up with processed, sugary foods and drinks on their tables. Some of the foods and drinks are great for a person who wants to boost their energy but it […]


In This Post I Will Be Speaking About Alternative Medicine

By at 23 September, 2011

Alternative medicine is one thing that more and more men and women are beginning to look into, but you will discover loads of information on the subject and it can be confusing. Another thing you will find that even though more men and women are looking into alternative medicine there are other men and women […]