Eating A Single Fruit Can Decrease Your Blood Pressure

By at 11 October, 2011

With more and more people becoming overweight and also having a stressful job or stressful life, many men and women are ending up with high blood pressure. And one thing you should know is that this is not reserved for men and women over 40, as this is something that can effect people at any […]


Over Doing An Exercise Routine Is Certainly Not The Way To Go

By at 1 October, 2011

You may well have noticed that these days more individuals are thinking about their all around health and these people are looking to start exercising to start dropping some weight. The thing is that many of these individuals end up over doing it when they begin exercising. You will see that when these individuals try […]


Ways To Avoid Diabetes

By at 30 September, 2011

There are plenty of men and women around the world who are in danger of developing diabetes. This may be for several reasons, like something that can be passed down from their parents, or due to their weight. Whatever the reason you should know that even if you’re susceptible to diabetes, there are some things […]


Taking A Better Look At Weight Problems And How To Shed The Excess Weight

By at 19 September, 2011

Every single year you will see that increasing numbers of people are packing on weight and becoming obese. And the worst part is that while some folks are this overweight simply because they just over indulge upon food, other individuals simply end up consuming the wrong foods and that is why they are overweight. You […]


How Does Diabetes Affect Men?

By at 26 March, 2009

What is diabetes and how does it affects the person who get inflicted with it? Well actually it’s a disorder of metabollism in which the body is unable to use glucoseas a source of fuel because of deficiency of insulin secretion or insulin action or both. It is characterized of hyperglycemia in association with glucossuria […]