Allergy Relief Can Be Just About a Few Lifestyle Changes

By at 19 April, 2012

Allergies have to be one of the most unfair conditions ever. Just like that, for no reason, they turn your life into an itching and coughing and watery mess. There you were, just minding your own business. The thing is, while allergies do necessarily have to be troublesome, they don’t have to be as troublesome as they usually are. It’s just that we make a lot of mistakes dealing with our allergies. The best allergy relief would be a little spring allergy education.

All of us spring allergy types – we know how, come spring, the air can be full of allergy-inducing pollen. And yet, we can’t forget the advice we got as children – that throwing the windows open and letting fresh air in – is a good thing. It’s only good for those who don’t suffer from allergies though. For those who do, the opposite is the rule – never open a window unless you absolutely have to, and never set the air-conditioner to bring in any air from the outside. In fact, parents should teach their children this new allergy relief rule – right alongside of the one to do with fresh air.

Here’s another rule from our childhood that doesn’t work well for allergy relief – don’t take medicines for no reason. This rule belongs with the “your body is a temple” family of exhortations. It makes a great deal of sense of course. But only for people who don’t suffer from allergies. For us unlucky ones, this will only make it worse because we put off taking medicines until we actually have a serious situation.

Basically, preventive allergy relief is a great idea. If you’re planning on going out in the spring, take those antihistamines even before you step out. If you have asthma, use your controller meds even when you suspect that something may be coming on. It’s much easier to get these things it under control when they haven’t really built up.

Know how most people check the weather to see if it’s going to rain? Allergy sufferers need to check pollen counts. It’s, you just have to go on and find out. It could make your life a lot easier.

When you have allergies, you have to build your life out around it. For instance, it may seem like the best time to take a quick jog in the park first thing in the morning. That’s how everyone does it. Well, everyone doesn’t that have an allergy. You need to first check the pollen count out there, and then you need to not exercise outside until it’s safe. Most pollen-bearing plants will release their load into the air first thing in the morning. Timing your exercises to when every plant out there releases its pollen, can’t be helpful.

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