Eating A Single Fruit Can Decrease Your Blood Pressure

By at 11 October, 2011

With more and more people becoming overweight and also having a stressful job or stressful life, many men and women are ending up with high blood pressure. And one thing you should know is that this is not reserved for men and women over 40, as this is something that can effect people at any age. Doctors will often prescribe medication for people with high blood pressure, but you will quickly realize that most of this medication will produce side effects and many men and women will not take it for that reason. So we are going to go over a few ways that you will be able to employ one fruit to help you lower your blood pressure.

While many of you will swear that this is a vegetable, tomatoes are in fact a fruit and this fruit can help your high blood pressure. The ingredient that is in tomatoes that can help you to lower your blood pressure is lycopene, and a daily supply can help you with this typical ailment. A total of four tomatoes is what you will need to eat everyday so that you can lower your blood pressure. Of course if you choose you can go to a drug store and and find a lycopene supplement of about 200mg. That supplement will provide you with more than enough lycopene that you should have each day. But for those of you who would rather just make sure your getting adequate tomatoes, we will be going over a few foods that most men and women like.

One way to get your daily amounts of lycopene is by having spaghetti sauce, not surprisingly the sauce you can buy in the stores is not actually what you want to have. Just about everyone likes sauce, and you can actually make your own a lot easier than you might think. All you have to do is get a can or two of tomato paste, include onion, and garlic and various other herbs that you like in your sauce and merely let it all cook together. Another thing you may want to do is to saute the onions and garlic in olive oil before introducing them to the sauce and when you do add them, include the olive oil you used to cook them with. When the lycopene is mixed with olive oil you will find that you will be receiving better benefits.

One more thing that most people really enjoy is chili. Again you can start with some tomato paste and add garlic and onions, and then get yourself a wonderful lean meat to add to your chili. Even though most people add a meat to their chili, you can merely add different types of beans if that is your decision. You can give your chili a kick by introducing different types of spices, like chili powder. If you are not partial to chili powder you might like to puree some jalapeno’s and add them to your chili.

Another way to get your lycopene is by having a salad just before every meal. But when you make a salad be sure to utilize a whole tomato on your portion. If you like tomato juice but not raw tomatoes you can consume the tomato juice instead. If you have a juicer it is better to make your own juice rather than to buy the juice that you come across on the store shelves.

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