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By at 6 April, 2009

835612_solarThe use of alternative medicines today is slowly gaining its popularity. In Europe for example, a lot of practitioners are now recommending alternative methods of treatment. The natural remedies they are promoting tend to strengthen the natural bodily functions to enable the body to heal itself rather than targeting the symptom itself.

It is true that some plants such as opium and hemlock, a kind of mushroom, are poisonous. But almost all plants can really help alleviate any sickness or diseases one might have. In contrast with synthetically manufactured medicines which have many side effects, herbal remedies support different organs in the body to function at their optimum level.

It has been reported that about one-third or medicinal preparation in Germany is made of natural components rather than chemicals. This trend has found support from a former first lady of Germany. Dr. Veronica Carstens, herself an internist, says: “I have nothing against classical medicine. But I find natural means of treatment an excellent supplement to classical medicine.”

Herbal medicines are a very good support to classical medicines. Chinese and most oriental countries usually turn to plants to cure their illnesses. Based on their experience, these herbal treatments can really make the difference. The fact also shows that most orientals have longer life spans due to their proper use of alternative medicines.

Considering that the bodies immune system is the best defense against diseases, it is logical to say that in order for the body to heal itself, the immune system must be nurtured properly and well taken cared of. In this regard, plants may simply do wonders.

If you are contemplating to use some alternative medicines, you may want to do more researches and gather more information about the benefits of it. You can also consult some medical practitioners who have tried using alternative medicines.

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Anallely September 25, 2012

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