Improve Your Eyesight With Eye Exercises

By at 15 May, 2008

We all suffer from eye strain, whether it’s due to hours upon hours sitting in front of a computer, watching TV, reading, driving long distances, or engaging in an activity that requires intense focus.  If you have vision problems, here are some eye exercises to improve your eyesight.

Relaxation Technique: Sitting at a table, close your eyes and place your hands over your eyes, without actually touching them.  Your fingers should be touching your forehead with your thumbs resting on your cheekbones.  Remain in this position for a few minutes.

Flexibility Exercise: Take an object such as a pen or even your index finger and hold it in front of your nose about six inches away.  Now focus on it for a few seconds while engaging in slow, deep breaths.  After a few minutes, focus on an object that is about ten feet away from you.  Breathe deeply in and out for a few seconds.  Repeat the process at least ten times.

Easy Eye Movement Exercise: Choose a place in your living room where you can view as many objects as possible.  Sit down and slowly scan the room looking at each of the objects.  Try not to focus on any one object, as the whole point of this exercise is to keep the eyes moving from one object to another.  Incorporate breathing exercises for a few minutes until you are done.

Eye Massage Technique: This entails covering your eyes with a hot and cold cloth at alternating intervals of 30 seconds.  Keep your eyes closed and continue the process for about five minutes.

Tension Relief Exercise: This is a technique that you can do at home, the office, or just about anytime you feel tension in your neck and shoulders.  Close your eyes, and roll your head around to the right, back, and left.  Use the same breathing technique as in the other exercises.  Once you have finished the head roll in one direction, do it again in the opposition direction.  Start from the left, and go back, and then right.

The general rule of thumb is to engage in these eye exercises to improve your eyesight at least once a day.  You may certainly feel an improvement in the way you feel, and your vision may become more acute.  Remember too, that stress affects every part of our body, and the eyes are no exception.

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Evgania June 7, 2009

80% of all the information we get coming through our eyes and it’s essential to keep them healthy and fit.

The exercises above might be very helpful spatially for people who never heard about eye exercises and eye relaxations.

But there is one more thing to it. Our eyes is inseparable part of our body and by treating the eyes we have to take the whole body into consideration. Fact is that everything in our body is connected.

The cause of poor vision might be hidden in your problematic back, neck or liver, emotional imbalance, trauma from childhood etc. By improving or dealing with one of the above you have a big chance to improve your vision even without doing to many eye exercises…


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